SO, if someone said "traveling is one of many ways to educated ourself", I do agree 100%. From my last trip (Semarang-Yogyakarta), i got punishment, no, a lesson. I should bring these small things when traveling, if i don't want to get trouble. 
1. Diarhea medicine
Actually, i had read a tips that told us to bring Diarhea Medicine when traveling in magazine. Then, my trip to Kuningan last October which troubled my friend because of diarhea should be a "warning" for me.  BUT, because of i rarely got diarhea and really believe my stomach is really strong when encounter with food poisoning, so i left it at home :)

Unexpectedly, this trip is different

I ate in a famous restaurant. Ordered food, milk and yogurt because been a while didn't drink it. After that we continued our trip to Jepara (small town in the province of Central Java). 
In car, "Ohh God it starts, i know that sensation. My stomach is hurt" (read: melilit banget!). Ok, i tried to keep calm, i though it's gonna gone after finishing "my business". I kept silence in the car, tried to endure my queasy. 
Arrived at Jepara, i went straight to toilet and then....i realized that "i got diarhea!". OH NO!! and i didn't see drug store nearby. In the end, i must waited until we went back to Semarang to buy diarhea medicine. I couldn't eat that night and went to toilet almost 5 times, so did the next day, the day after that....toilet became my sudden bestfriend.
2. Spoon & Fork
I went to Yogyakarta by bus (Nusantara bus, from Sukun Terminal near Dipenogoro University, IDR 40.000) from Semarang. In the morning my travelmate's friend gave us breakfast "nasi kuning" that we would use for lunch, but we forgot to ask her a spoon. 
Then, it's Riweuh in the bus
Tried to tear a paper so we could use it as spoon. Failed. Used Kerupuk as spoon? "Damn, i've ate all my Kerupuk". Ok, how about eat with hands? Wet tissue is in baggage. Yak!! Enjoy your meal :)) *devil smirk
3. Notes & Pen

Sometimes in the trip, a good idea will come and need to write it as soon a possible. Since i'm not really digital person, who put their notes in the phones, so i need a notebook. 
4. Book*tentative
Actually, this is your choice. I like to read a book and it's really useful when i wait my traveling partner or when i feel like "i wanna alone". Maybe you can bring your nintendo, PSP, or smartphone is enough?

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